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V1 Pischa von der Wilhelmswarte IPO3 Kkl1a (HD-ED a1normal)

pischa new standshapeimage 4 pishaSG17 BSZS Pischa von der Wilhelmswarte IPO3, KKL1

Show Critique from the German Sieger Show: Herr Heinz Schreer

Large, feminine, medium strong, richly pigmented female with a good expressive head/ High withers, straight back, with a well angled croup that could be slightly longer. The upper arm could be sightly better angled, very good hind angulation, correct chest proportions, straight front, the female presents herself well with a flowing outreaching, dynamic gait.

VA5 (BSZS) Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt 
VA (CHN) Maestro vom Osterberger Land
V4 BSZS Nanilla von der Freiheit Westerholt
VA BSZS Nero vom Noebachtal
V11 Mirka v. Osterberger Land
VA1 Pakros D’Ulmental
V1 Fritzi Freiheit Westerholt
SG30 BSZS Chanel von der Wilhelmswarte
V1 BSZS Uran von der Wilhelmswarte
V13 BSZS Miki von der Wilhelmswarte
VA Dux de Cuatro Flores
V Luci vom Feuermelder
VA3 Esko v. Dänischen Hof
 V Xita v.d. Bahrener Höhe

Pischa comes from the some of the greatest bloodlines in existence today. Pictured below are her sire and dam.

droppedImage 1 pischa
Sire: VAShicco Freiheit Westerholt SchH3, KKL1
droppedImage pischa
Dam: SG1 Chanel Wilhelmswarte SchH2, KKL1

Pischa’s Outstanding Show Record:

V1    USA SIEGER SHOW, WI                     Karen Macintyre (USA Judge)
V1    LG19 Staßfurt, Germany                      Juergen Hoffman (SV Judge)
V5    LG20 Rostock, Germany                      Rüdiger Mai (SV Judge)
SG3 LG09 Fulda, Germany                          Henning Setzer (SV Judge)
SG17 German Sieger Show                         Heinz Schreer (SV Judge)
SG3 LG06 Hemer, Germany                        Karl Heinz Gladbach (SV judge)
SG7 LG19 Wedersleben, Germany             Heinz Schreer (SV Judge)

shapeimage 5 pisha

shapeimage 6 pisha

shapeimage 7 pisha