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V Eika vom Suentelstein SchH3 Kkl1a
ZW 80 Hips 1a Elbows a1 normal DNA
SG 58 German Sieger Show, 2010.

 eika vom suentelstein


V1 Zahara v TeMar SchH2 Kkl1a
V2 PNW Regional Conformation show
(SV Rüdiger Mai)
ZW 77 Hips 1a Elbows normal

V Eika vom Suentelstein SchH3 Kkl1a
ZW 80 Hips 1a, Elbows normal DNA
V12 BSZS Noell vom Suentelstein
SchH3, KKl1
HD ED a1 normal
2xVA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard
SchH3, KKl1
HD ED a1 normal
VA Celin vom Suentelstein
SchH3, KKl1
HD a2 fast normal ED a1 normal
VA1 Pakros D’Ulmental SchH3, KKl1, HD a1 normal
V31 Una von Oxalis SchH2, KKl1, HD a1 normal
2xVA1 Yasko Farbenspiel SchH3, KKl1, HD a1 normal
V19 Rimini vom Suentelstein SchH1, KKl1, HD a1 normal
V Quarissa v Bierstadter Hof
SchH2, KKl1
HD ED a1 normal
VA1 CSV Whisky v Bierstadter Hof
SchH3 KKl1
HD  ED a1 normal
V Feli vom Ochsentor
SchH3, KKl1
HD a1 normal ED a1 normal

VA1 Ursus v. Batu SchH3, KKl1, HD a1 normal
V11 Fee v.d. Ajona Huette SchH2, KKl1, HD a1 normal
VA5 Esko v.d. Wienerau SchH3, KKl1, HD ausland
V Uska vom Ochsenor SchH1 HD a1 normal

Father: V12 Noell vom Suentelstein
(One of the highest placed sons of VA 1 Vegas and brother to SG3 BSZS Nora Suentelstein and also Indian Vice Sieger Nexx Suentelstein.)
Noell's mother is the top producing VA Celin Suentelstein, a daughter of 2xVA1 China and SG1 Germany Nicos Leithawald. (Nicos was sold to China as a really young male. He is also the father to VA3 Vianna Fichtenschlag.)

Celin also produced SG1 Young Siegerin of '09 in Germany Heike Osterberger Land (a VA Negus Holtkaemper See daughter) who later that year became VA1 in China at just 26 months of age!

Mother: Quarisa vom Bierstradter Hof
Her mother is a daughter of VA1 CHINA Whisky Bierstradter Hof and the litter sister to the SG 4  BSZS '05 Quirina Bierstradter Hof. Quirina is the mother of the SG9 from the German Sieger Show.

5 - 3  in VA1 Ursus von Batu and 5 - 2  in V Feli vom Ochsentor

(The line breeding on Feli is especially interesting here because Feli is the mother of VA Mark Ochsentor and SEVERAL top producing females like VA Boogie Ochsentor, VA Zora Ochsentor (mother of VA1 Bella Kukucksland) and of course the famous VA1 Karma Ochsentor (mother of VA1 Pakros d"Ulmental & VA1 Xara Agilolfinger!!!)

Sieger Show critique for Eika vom Suentelstein:
Big, expressive, very well pigmented, correct body proportions, very good head, high wither, straight firm back, normal length and lay of croup, correct angulation of the limbs, good brisket proportions, clean front. Moving soundly, firm hocks, very good gait. HD normal, DNA gpr., ED normal.

Eika comes from a family of top producers and should produce nice dogs. From the standpoint of the incredibly strong motherline, this is something that can add greatly to the TeMar breeding program.

Eika’s Breed Survey Report (by SV Judge & Koermeister Herr Bernard Norda)
Standing on the upper limit of size, medium strong, substantial, dry and firm, standing in very good proportions.
Very good pigmented female with a very striking appearance. High, long withers, straight back, good length and angle of the croup.
Very well angulated in the front and hind. Pronounced brisket proportions, straight front. Straight coming and going, she develops a strong, very roomy gait and fluent gait. Very self assured, TSB Pronounced, Lets out.

Special Observations: A Typey female who is very dry and firm and creates a very good overall picture.