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Nothing happens in a vacuum and so it is with breeding dogs.

Our dogs are here because of successful breedings done in the past by
dedicated individuals in many parts of the world. Breeders in Germany,
Holland, Sweden and Canada have had a part in what we have created here
by striving to create the best dogs they could.
We use trainers in Canada, Germany and the US. These trainers have assisted us in bringing out the best in our dogs and we thank them for their many hours of hard work and dedication.

The TeMar Team of Trainers & Handlers
Brittany Dygert
Andrea & Dave Jantzen
Karen Sinclair
Melanie Rupp
Natalie & Angelo Gonzales
Bob Boone
Yvonne & Abhai Kaul of Team Nummer Eins German Shepherds

The Breeder of our Foundation Stock

Bullinger Shepherds of Canada.
Arlett, Fidelius, Hühnegrab, Langenbungert. and Messina Shepherds of Germany.
Murrtal – Murrtal Zwinger

Combining these Top German bloodlines have given us the best of the best. We also appreciate all of their support and guidance.

We trust that we have taken what they provided and have continued on the path towards an ever more perfect German Shepherd Dog.

Our Photographer & Web Designer

A very special heartfelt Thanks to Ruth of Right Dog Web Design for the original design of the TeMar Website. Ruth has been and is strong supporter of TeMar Shepherds & we are forever grateful.

We admire & appreciate the photography team of Terry & Ruth of

The Right Dog Photography Team can’t be beaten

Many Thank to Terry for her photography work behind the lens & Ruth’s ability to pick just the right one. We look forward to their continued input & photos for the TeMar German Shepherd dogs website in the future.

Lunches are always great after a photo shoot.

TeMar German Shepherd Dogs