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German Shepherd Breeder in Canby, Oregon.

We will try to keep this page updated! It’s been difficult to keep up with since 2006
when I became the USA Sieger Show Secretary. I found that being the show
secretary is a year-round position! It’s a volunteer position I love & enjoy.

TeMar is still actively Breeding - Showing & Training.


October 16 - 18, 2010
Super results for Team TeMar Shepherds at the North American Sieger Show in Reston Virginia:
SG Ory vom TeMar earns SG6 in the 12-18 month class (second youngest in the class)
V Griff v TeMar SchH2 Kkl1a earned #1 Protection Performance & V13 in the show ring

October 1 - 3, 2010
Western Rescue Schutzhund Club
Aldergrove BC Canada
SV Judge Holger Eller

Congratulations to Andrea Duggan & Guinness v TeMar earning their BH & AD
Congratulations to Karen Sinclair & Griff v TeMar they earned their SchH2 with a total of 270.


Sept 26, 2010
Wotan v TeMar goes V5 @ 7 years of age in the working class PNW WDA Regional Show under SV Daniel Thibaut.
Wotan also earned another highest titled V rated Trophy! Congratulations Dave & Wotan.

Aug 2010
Always looking for the best possible females to add to our breeding program, we are today announcing the acquisition of: V Denni vom Murrtal Zwinger SchH1 Kkl1a. We are elated that Denni is coming to join us here at TeMar German Shepherds.
A quality bitch with a quality bloodline.

March 6-7 2010
Dog Star GSD Club
Acton, CA
Judge: SV Bernd Weber

4-6 Month Female Class    VP1 Onja v TeMar
4-6 Month Male Class    VP2 Ory v TeMar
Working Class Females    Zahara v TeMar earns her V show rating
Working Class Males    Zeager v TeMar earns his V show rating

May 2, 2010
Delta SchH Club
Langley BC Canada
GSSCC/SV Judge Doug Deacon

Griff v TeMar Earns his BH

May 15, 2010
Western Region Sieger Show
Hosted by Western Rescue Schutzhund Club
Aldergrove BC Canada
Judge: SV Richard Brauch

6-9 Month FemaleVP2 Onja v TeMar
Working Class FemaleV3 Zahara v TeMar
Working Class MaleV2 Zeager v TeMar

May 22-24 2010
West Coast SchH Club
SV Judge Fredich Reichert
Surrey BC Canada
Western Regional Championship (high SchH1)

Griff v TeMar Earns his SchH1

June 4-5-6 2010
2010 USA Sieger Sieger Show
Lake Geneva, WI
Judge: SV Hans Peter Schweimer

Performance awardZahara v TeMar SchH2 Kkl1a
Working Class FemaleV9 Zahara v TeMar SchH2 earns a V show rating at a National event

June 25-26-27 2010
PNW Regional Conformation Show
Hosted by Willamette Valley SchH Club
Woodburn, Oregon
Judge: SV Rüdiger Mai

AD & Breed SurveyGriff v TeMar
18-24 month Male ClassSG1 Griff v TeMar
Working Class FemaleV2 Zahara v TeMar SchH2 Kkl1a
Working Class MaleV3 Zeager v TeMar SchH3 Kkl1a

July 30-31, Aug 1, 2010
2010 Canadian Nationals & Sieger Show
Edmonton, AB Canada
Judge: SV Wilfried Scheld

Working Class FemaleV5 Zahara v TeMar SchH2 Kkl1a earns another V show rating at a National event.
Zahara then flew to Germany to be bred to one of German’s Top studs.
Working Class Males V1 Griff v TeMar SchH1 Kkl1a earns Vize Canadian Sieger, (just 2 days old enough to be in the working class)

2010 also brought us to the time where we are retiring some of our awesome females.

Those valuable females retiring from our active breeding program:
V Katie v TeMar SchH2 Kkl1a lbz
V Willow v TeMar SchH1 Kkl1a
V Déjà v TeMar SchH1 kkl1a lbz
V Mamba von Langenbungert SchH2 Kkl1a lbz
V Anastasija van Noort SchH1 Kkl1a lbz


Can Ch, V Diego SchH3 IPO 3 earned an FH with a score of 86 Jan 22nd under USA Judge Jim Elder

Delta SchH Club
Ule V TeMar April 16-17/05 SchH2, 263a Judge Wolfgang Tuchs

West Coast SchH Club
Ule V TeMar Oct 29/05 , Western Regional Show V1


NW Regional Show April 24th 2004
Judge: SV Erich Bösl

Willow v TeMar VP 9-12 Month f
Widget v Bullinger V1 Veteran f

Western Rescue SchH Club show May 2004 Judge Daniel Thibaut

Wotan v TeMar VP 9-12 Month m
WVSC June Show Judge Rudiger Mai
Willow v TeMar VP2 9-12 Month f
Ulka v TeMar SG1 12-18 Month f
Karla Feetback SG1 18-24 Month f

Fundy SchH Club
Ule v TeMar May 8-9/04 , BH AD Pass

Granite SchH Club
Ule v TeMar June 26/04 SchH 1, 268 Judge Johannes Grewe

date: ??/04 Ule V TeMar V1

Western Rescue SchH Club Aug 7 & 8th Rudiger Mai
Jacquie v TeMar Breed surveyed Kkl 1 a for life
Willow v TeMar SG1 12-18 Month f
Wotan v TeMar SG1 12-18 Month m
Ule v TeMar SG1 18-24 Month f
Ugo v TeMar SG1 18-24 Month m

Canadian Nationals & Sieger Show

Diego v Bullinger V4 competed in the National trial passing score
Wotan v TeMar SG3 12-18 month m
Ule v TeMar SchH1 SG4 18-24 month f

WVSC Sept Show Sept Judge Arno Humberdros

Willow v TeMar SG3 12-18 Month f
Wotan v TeMar SG1 12-18 Month m

DVG Club
Ule V TeMar Oct 2/04 VPG1, 241 Judge Leo Muller

USA Sieger Show Oct 29-30-31 2004 Judge Mr. Erich Orschler males/Judge Johannes Grewe females

Wotan v TeMar SG9 12-18 month m
Ulka v TeMar SG7 18-24 month f
Ule v TeMar SchH1 SG11 18-24 Month f

WVSC Sept Trial

Monta v TeMar BH with JR. handler Brittany D

Cascade SchH Club (DVG) Dec 11th Judge Fred Marashi

Diego v Bullinger IPO3 99-86-86 a


November 30, 2003
Western Rescue Schutzhund Club
SV Judge Daniel Thibaut

3-6 month f Class was VP 1 Willow v TeMar
3-6 month M class was VP4 Wotan v TeMar
9-12 month f Class VP1 Ulka v TeMar
9-12 month m Class VP1 Ugo v TeMar
Veteran Female class was V1 Widget v Bullinger SchH2

November 29, 2003
Lucy v TeMar and her owner/trainer Paul Blackmore earn their SchH1 title! This is Paul's first SchH title and we know there will be more to come.

November 21, 2003
Diego Finishes his Championship!
He wins Best of Winners for 5 Points!
He is now V Can Ch Diego SchH3 Kkl1a!
photo to follow!

May 10-11, 2003 SV Judge: Henning Setzer
O.G. Solano Schutzhund Club
2003 N.W. Regional Conformation Show

3-6 Month Female Class
VP-1 Ulka v. TeMar,
VP-2 Ukiah v. TeMar,

3-6 Month Male Class
VP-5 Uro v. TeMar

Over 24 Month Female non Titled
SG-1 Ricarda von Fidelius,

Titled Working Female Class
V Mercedes v TeMar SchH1 KKL 1a


May 25th 2003
Willamette Valley Schutzhund Club
SV Körmeister & Judge Herr Peter Messler

3-6 Month Female Class
VP-1 Ulka v TeMar
VP-3 Ukiah v TeMar

3-6 Month Male Class
VP-1 Ugo v TeMar
VP-3 Uro v TeMar

Delta Schutzhund Club
Western Regional Championship
June 13-15, 2003
USA Judge Glenn Stephenson

V Diego v Bullinger SchH3
earned his 2nd SchH3 title

2003 USA Sieger Show
V Rated - SV Judge Arno Humberdros
Feb 28th & March 1st, 2003
Best of Breed both Days!
RDA All-Breed Show, BC,
Feb. 15, 2003
Judge: W. Peter.

Winners Dog - Best of Winners - 3 points


Western Rescue Schutzhund Club in BC, 10/19/02
SV Körmeister and Judge: Rudiger Mai

VP4 Rikki2 v TeMar owned by Brittany Dygert
VP2 Olivetti v TeMar - Mary Dygert, TeMar Shepherds
SG1 Ricarda v Fidelius - Mary Dygert, TeMar Shepherds
V Diego v Bullinger SchH3 KKL 1a - Mary Dygert, TeMar Shepherds

Willamette Valley SchH Club 9/29/02
SV Körmeister and Judge: Hans-Peter Schweimer

SG1 - Jerome v Arlett -- Mary Dygert, TeMar Shepherds - 12-18 Males
VP3 - Q-Tee of TeMar - Sara Ralston /Mary Dygert - 3-6 Females
SG3 - Monta v TeMar - Mary Dygert, TeMar Shepherds - 18-24 Females
SG1 - Lucy of TeMar -- Paul Blackmore -- 24+ Untitled Females

  Brittany handling Argus -- at 81/2 years he looked great!  August 1-5, 2002siegerin
Canadian National Show
SV Judge: Frank Goldlust, Berlin, Germany
Canadian Siegerin V-1  Teela v Bullinger
Olivetti v TeMar  VP4 (Handled by Brittany Dygert.)

Every successful show is a team effort and we want to thank
Raino Flügge & Tracy Bullinger
for their part in this exciting win.

Thank you to all who made this show truly memorable to us